10/23/15 – Overlook UPDATE…BOWLING! WINNERS!



  • The DEADLINE for purchasing Family Day Out at Thunderbird Lanes TICKETS has been extended until Sunday night at 11:59 PM (midnight really).  ONLINE ONLY orders…no more checks/cash! Click the pic to buy your tickets at Overlook, Yes! Your Online School Store/Event Sales Marketplace!!!
  • Run, OVERLOOK, Run!  The Race for Education 2015 is on…so dig deep and let’s go!  CONGRATULATIONS  to the WINNERS of the first round of incentives: $25 amazon gift EXCITEDOWLWHOWHOcard to the Ramsay Family (thanks for sharing the word on facebook) AND $100 amazon gift card to the Martin-Navas Family!!  Woo-WHO? will be next…ANY donation received until Race Day (11/2) will be entered into a drawing to win gift cards for: $25 Amazon and $25 AMC Theaters.  Donate Now! 

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