Hearty Mums for Sale – 6th Grade Fundraiser

mums Hearty Mums will be for sale at the Overlook Open House on September 16th from 6:30pm-8:00pm and at the Back to School Picnic on September 18th from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

You may purchase Mums and take them home with you from these events or choose your own from Kremp Florist located at 220 Davisville Road in Willow Grove.  If you want to choose your own, the Mums may be purchased at these events and you will receive the voucher below to be taken with you to Kremp Florist.


1 Mum-$8

2 Mums-$15

3 Mums-$20

4 Mums-$25

***The cost for the yearbook and DVD at the end of the year will be an additional $15.00. Students that participate in fundraisers consistently and meet pre-set goals will receive these items for free as a reward***

Currently, we have 5 slots open for 6th graders who are willing to help with the Mum Sale. Please email Natalie Casale at natalie@overlookvolunteers.com to sign up to volunteer.